SPMT products fundamentally change the manufacturing yield evaluation procedures. Interactive drill-down SPC charts help identify process problematic areas and quickly apply proper corrective actions. The SPMT flagship product, Process Evaluation Tool (PET), captures raw data generated by a customer environment, then transforms (abstracts) and stores it. The internally formatted information is instantaneously processed providing statistical process analysis, forming a fundamental set of SPC charts and graphs delivered to users as the visual displays of the quantitative information via the Internet. The viewed charts are automatically updated at a user-specified rate. Users intuitively navigate through familiar Quality Control SPC charts, which reflect state of monitored production processes.

Process Evaluation Tool executes uninterruptedly, presenting process yield/throughput and quality control SPC graphs real time. Due to automatic data collection (loosely coupled, process-specific) and online information processing, PET allows users to quickly assess/diagnose production floor dynamics and take corrective actions before unidentified problems may drive process out of control.

The following diagram summarizes a fundamental set of graphical charts updated/available at each refresh cycle (most shown categories pertain to multiple characteristics and parameters being monitored).

To ensure integrity of production yield status, automatically delivered to a user, the system also monitors and administers its own processes, workflows by detecting and correcting possible internal malfunctioning. Those events are recorded and immediately communicated via email to the designated personnel. Such an approach in maintaining instant information availability while sustaining high system availability and reliability greatly facilitates strategic management decisions in mission-critical environments.

The fully automatic, mission-critical, scalable system, SPMT’s PET, is comprised of the major functional components:

  • Customer data collection system (loosely coupled)
  • Custom process data repository
  • Database (currently Oracle)
  • Client authentication and information encryption mechanism
  • Client session/caching management
  • Quality Control mathematical engine
  • Java graphical engine
  • Automatic system administering and notification modules

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