SPMT products enable the individuals and teams throughout the entire organization to respond to process malfunctioning collaboratively quickly and efficiently. They align and empower operation personnel to drive and manage responsive actions immediately upon detected process malfunctioning. Timely identified and resolved problems allow increasing product yield/throughput, improving productivity, raising profits, and minimizing losses.

The Systematic Process Monitoring Techniques (a.k.a. SPMT) ensures that can users achieve the highest product yield and loss reduction and improve profitability. The SPMT solution delivers the following benefits:

  • Provides real time process performance monitoring through visual displays of the quantitative analytical information via the Internet.
  • Helps increase process yield/throughput, reduce losses, enhance profitability, and boost productivity.
  • Eliminates informational gaps by using an overlapped concept in generating charts and periodic reports.
  • Provides company-wide operational visibility and accelerates decision-making procedures.
  • Improves communications and operational efficiency due to proactive enterprise-wide status reporting.
  • Maintains consistent, time-sensitive process information across the enterprise including remote sites.
  • Reduces time for correlating defects to yield loss and disposition of low-yield lots.
  • Improves production by accurate assessing and controlling multiple processes.
  • Frees personnel from data collection/charting/report preparations.
  • Helps improve product quality as well as customer satisfaction and relationship.
  • Handles system self-administration through built-in automated mechanisms.

SPMT products group sets of charts to serve key categories of production personnel are enabled to quickly address process malfunctioning in an efficient coordinated way:

  • Production and company management
  • Shift engineering and operators
  • Failure analysis, test, and characterization engineering

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