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In today’s manufacturing environments, where various processes generate enormous amounts of valuable information, thorough timely studies and control are necessary for achieving the highest levels of productivity. SPMT process yield analysis and automatic data management systems correlate all valuable pieces of information for a clear picture of malfunctioning process areas that contribute to yield losses.

SPMT [Statistical Process Management Tools] products deliver real time interactive analytical charts and reports for a monitored process over the Internet that facilitate business decision-making procedures for yield management organizations.

SPMT solutions reach to a broader community of managers and production personnel by providing a detailed production uninterrupted production status. The dynamically updated displays feature SPC graphs presenting essential analytical information that allows operations to quickly assess, adjust and control process progress. Proactive, enterprise-wide status reporting improves communications and operational efficiency.

SPMT’s business intelligence systems provide efficient and accurate mechanisms for managing the metrology data results. Process yield/defect status and SPC (Statistical Process Control) charts, reflecting timely analysis, delivered to users over secured Internet protocols. The web interface is especially beneficial for manufacturers having dispersed/remote operations. Interactive capabilities of the displayed charts allow users to drill-down the information and quickly correlate objects of studies to other areas of interest. With use of accurate, time-sensitive real-time information, SPMT customers can protect and improve process yield and increase throughput.

SPMT is dedicated to helping manufacturers achieve the highest product yield, increase profitability and minimize losses through Systematic Process Monitoring Techniques at all stages throughout a production cycle.

SPMT is committed to customizing its solutions to satisfy customer requirements and helping them gain the best results with its innovative problem solving technology.

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