The age of mind refers to the shift in focus from the production and availability of information and its associated technology to concerns about how people utilize that information, the barriers and challenges they face in accessing and interacting with information, what they do with information, and how it enables them to get on with their lives.

The ability of decision makers to quickly understand the root causes of performance in a complex multi-dimensional paradigm has been identified as a key challenge to success, and SPMT’s visualization solutions enable users to make much more profitable and effective use of their available information.

    Enterprise Quality Management
When it comes to evaluating process performance and managing quality control raw data is not enough. Evaluators need metrics on both system performance and analytical process assessment. They have to establish process control baselines, identify potentially malicious areas that may have affected product yield and throughput, and inform an organization of defects and errors detected. Systematic process evaluation procedures and ability to control multiple processes within a production cycle are the basic requirements for the enterprise quality management. Empowered with the timely information, operations can quickly identify and resolve process performance malfunctioning anywhere within the environment before possible problems affect business productivity and profitability.

SPMT's (Statistical Process Management Techniques) product, PET (Process Evaluation Tool), delivers Systematic Process Monitoring capabilities through its industry-leading real time process evaluation approach – a solution that works throughout an enterprise. Its main mission is to collect process-generated data, then analyze and deliver a set of essential SPC and related charts and reports to end users real time with no human effort. These capabilities, delivered by PET, allow production personnel to continuously monitor, identify, manage, and resolve process problems and culprits before they affect the business results. PET is an integrated, real time, mission-critical, proactive, web-based process evaluation solution for yield/productivity improvement and defect/loss reduction that provides enterprise-wide process performance analysis.

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The SPMT system can monitor both successive and parallel processes within the ongoing business activities simultaneously. That enables all levels of personnel to quickly assess/diagnose/alter process behavior at any time. SPMT’s innovative approach that dynamically presents the behavior of any process within the entire product manufacturing cycle through information abstraction and uniformed interpretation of process-specific data, gathered over time, by real time statistical quality analysis models is unique among competition.

This site illustrates how SPMT helps empower manufacturing organizations — simplify process management tasks, protect product yield/throughput, minimize defect/losses and increase profit.

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